Bullying, Booze, And Choke Holds: With Goldman Sachs’s Culture Under The Microscope, A Former Intern’s Abuse Suit Moves Forward

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Source: Vanity Fair Hive By: William D. Cohan As the investment bank faces scrutiny for its treatment of first-year analysts, a case involving allegations of physical violence and a toxic, frat-house culture is scheduled to go to trial later this year. Last month, a number of clever young bankers at Goldman Sachs managed to get Wall Street’s attention by putting together an official-looking PowerPoint presentation that decried their working conditions, including their absurdly long hours and their lack of sleep. According to 13 first-year analysts—typically recent college graduates occupying the lowest rung on Goldman’s investment-banking ladder—who responded to the survey, for the week ending on February 13, they had worked a “mean” of 105 hours a week, hitting the hay on average at 3 a.m. “Being unemployed is less frightening to me…
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