At Schaar & Silva LLP, we have one goal: winning the justice that you deserve. Our practice focuses on personal injury claims in the areas below. If you’ve been harmed by someone else’s negligence, contact us today for a free case evaluation: you pay nothing unless we win the case.

Auto accident claims are complex, involving accident reconstruction, evidence analysis, and insurance law. Among the most common causes of traffic accidents are distracted driving, speeding, and alcohol—meaning that someone was at fault. When you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, Schaar & Silva works to secure the justice you deserve.

Bicycling is on the rise in California. Unfortunately, California also ranks in the top 10 most dangerous states for cyclists. In the majority of these cases, drivers are at fault and need to be held responsible. Schaar & Silva’s attorneys are also avid athletes, and we secure justice for injured bicyclists.

According to the US Department of Transportation, motorcyclists are killed or injured at up to 26 times the rate of passenger car occupants. Many of these cases occur when other drivers fail to watch out for motorcycles on the road. Schaar & Silva LLP handles motorcycle accident cases involving injury and wrongful death.

In 2016, over 350 pedestrians were killed by vehicles in California, and hundreds more were injured. If you’re harmed in a pedestrian accident, it’s important to consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible, preferably before you give a statement to an insurance investigator. Schaar & Silva LLP is here to protect pedestrians’ rights and secure the justice you deserve.

Schaar & Silva LLP’s Senior Trial Attorney, Dan C. Schaar, secured one of California’s largest premises liability verdicts in 2016–$2.8 million. When a property owner fails to properly inspect or maintain their premises, serious injuries can occur. If you’ve been injured after slipping, tripping or falling in an improperly-maintained location, Schaar & Silva LLP is here to secure justice for you.

A civil rights violation occurs when your rights under the US Constitution—such as protection against unlawful search and seizure, retaliation, and discrimination—are violated. Schaar & Silva LLP works on your behalf, when you’ve been the victim of a wrongful conviction, improper police conduct, an unlawful arrest, search, or seizure, or workplace harassment or discrimination.

California’s strict product liability laws require products to be designed, manufactured, and distributed in a safe manner. All hazardous products must carry clearly stated warnings. Still, numerous Californians are injured by faulty products every year. At Schaar & Silva LLP, we know what to do next when you’ve been injured, and we make sure that your claim is processed in a timely manner, complying with product liability statutes of limitation.

Wrongful death occurs when someone dies due to negligence or intentional harm. Because wrongful death claims are civil rather than criminal, they are subject to a lower burden of proof. If you’ve lost a loved one due to a motor vehicle, bicycle or pedestrian accident, product liability, premises liability or another cause, contact Schaar & Silva LLP to secure the justice your deceased loved one deserves.

Brain and spinal cord injuries can be life-changing for the injured person and their family, sometimes necessitating lifelong medical care. Whether they result from medical malpractice, accidents, or another cause, brain and spinal cord injuries are often the result of negligence. When that happens, Schaar & Silva LLP is here to protect your rights and secure the justice you deserve.

Dog bites and other animal attacks can cause serious physical injuries and emotional distress. California’s dog bite law is strict, with liability assigned even if the dog has no record of previous attacks, or previously attacked someone without the owner’s knowledge. Schaar & Silva LLP helps to secure justice when you’ve been the victim of an attack by an aggressive dog or other animal. We also handle complex liability cases, such as bicycle accidents caused by dog attacks.