Where Can Slip and Fall Accidents Happen?

Where Can Slip and Fall Accidents Happen?

Everyone has slipped on something in their lives, and sometimes, people can slip or trip over nothing at all. However, many slip and fall accidents happen because a business or property owner allowed a dangerous hazard to exist, which led a customer or visitor to suffer injuries in an accident.

Liability for a slip and fall accident depends on what caused the accident and where the accident occurred. The following are some common locations for slip and fall accidents.

Grocery Stores – Grocery stores are a hotbed for slip-and-fall risks. With many types of food and beverages in nearly every aisle, there are many opportunities for something to spill and cause the floor to be slippery. Even if the grocery store cleans up a spill, they may fail to warn customers of wet floors, which can result in a slip and fall.

Big Box Stores – “Big box” stores like Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and more are regular locations of slip and fall accidents. These stores are massive with aisles and aisles of merchandise, and staff members often fail to properly inspect the entire premises for possible hazards.

Shopping Malls – Shopping malls are also large establishments with many risks for dangerous conditions to develop. Also, because different businesses are in charge of maintaining common areas versus individual stores, it is all too easy for someone to be negligent and a customer slips and falls as a result.

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