What to Do if a Drunk Driver Hits You

What to Do if a Drunk Driver Hits You

It is important to recognize when a driver might be intoxicated and stay away from the driver on the road to protect yourself. However, some drunk driving accidents cannot be avoided, and you should always know what to do in the event you get hit by a driver who seems to be impaired.

Call 911

Calling the authorities is critical after a drunk driving accident for several reasons. First, you will get immediate medical attention at the scene of the crash. Next, it is important for police officers to identify when a driver who caused an accident has been drinking. If the officer has probable cause to believe the driver is in violation of the law, they can place the driver under arrest, and the driver might face criminal charges, which can help an insurance claim for you.

Avoid Confrontations

It is natural to be upset when a drunk individual causes a collision. After all, their dangerous choices have now disrupted your life when you were complying with the law. However, you never know when alcohol might cause someone to become agitated – especially in a stressful situation when they might get arrested. Keep to yourself and wait for the police to communicate with the other driver.

Seek Medical Treatment

If you sustained injuries, make sure you get checked out and start receiving treatment as soon as possible. A diagnosis and treatment recommendation can demonstrate the extent of your injuries to an insurance company, as well as help with your physical recovery.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer in Campbell, California

Finally, you should not wait to contact a Campbell car accident attorney about your legal rights and options. The legal team at Schaar & Silva, LLP, helps victims of drunk driving accidents, and we can evaluate the best course of action. Call 408.721.1111 or contact us online for a free consultation.