RV Accidents Can be Serious

RV Accidents Can be Serious

There is one industry that is not experiencing losses due to the COVID-19 crisis, and that is the RV sales business. As Europe trips and other summer vacations are canceled, many families are turning to recreational vehicles for new summer plans. RVs allow families to avoid planes, hotels, and other high-risk situations and basically let them take portable homes on the road. We are certain to see an increased number of RVs on the highways in the coming months, as families set off for new adventures that still allow them to self-isolate.

With all the fun and convenience that comes with RV vacations, there are also risks of serious accidents. RVs are large vehicles that can be significantly more difficult to maneuver than our regular cars and SUVs. In most situations, people do not need special training or licenses to operate RVs, and there is definitely a learning curve. This can mean that more RVs might be involved in crashes that result in injuries.

Some risks with RV travel include:

  • Fatigued driving from long hours behind the wheel
  • Distracted driving from having the whole family needing entertainment in the vehicle
  • Impaired driving in the event someone has a couple of drinks before deciding to hit the road
  • Dangerous lane changes due to not properly checking blind spots
  • Rollover accidents if a driver takes a turn too fast, hits a curb, or does something else to trip the RV
  • Malfunctions due to defective RVs or improper maintenance

Consult with a Traffic Accident Lawyer in Campbell for Help

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