Household Products Can Cause Injuries

Household Products Can Cause Injuries

We are trying to keep ourselves and our families safe during shelter in place orders by staying at home as much as we can. However, you might not realize there are injury risks right in your own house. Our homes are full of various products we use on a regular basis, and many of us are bringing out recreational equipment, tools, and more that we do not usually use because of the extra time on our hands. There is always the risk that a product is defective and can malfunction, causing serious injuries to someone in your household.

Some common products that might be defective and lead to accidents include the following:

Child products – Your children are likely playing with many toys and games at this time. If a product does not have proper age recommendations or is defective, it can cause injuries. Further, if you have infant furniture, car seats, or similar products, these can malfunction and injure your child.

Appliances – With so much time at home, our appliances are likely working overtime. If an appliance has a defect, it can malfunction and cause burns, cuts, electrical injuries, and more.

Electronics – Many homes are filled with flat-screen TVs, laptops, gaming systems, iPads, smartphones, and more. These can cause electrical accidents and burns, and large TVs can tip over or fall off wall mountings if they are defective.

These are only a few examples of products that might cause injuries, and companies who sell defective or dangerous products should be held fully liable for your losses.

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