Civil Rights Violations FAQ

Civil Rights Violations FAQ

Federal and state law provide many rights for people in the United States. Unfortunately, many authorities and other parties engage in conduct that violates your rights and causes you harm. If you believe someone violated your rights, you should consult with a civil rights violations lawyer in Campbell as soon as possible. Here are some common questions about civil rights violations that you may have.

What are some common civil rights violations?

You have many civil rights that can be violated, including the right to free speech, the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure, and many more. Some types of conduct that commonly violate the civil rights of citizens include:

  • The warrantless search of your property
  • A warrantless arrest without another justification
  • Police brutality and the use of excessive force
  • Denial of an attorney after an arrest
  • False imprisonment
  • The taking of private property without justification
  • Termination from a government position for expressing your opinion

There are many other instances of civil rights violations, and many of these involve encounters with police officers or other government authorities.

What are my rights if I am the victim of a violation?

When a government actor violates your rights, the law allows you to take legal action to hold the government agency accountable and seek compensation for the harm you suffered, as well as other types of legal relief. You may also file legal claims against private actors that violated your rights.

How can a civil rights lawyer help me?

A civil rights attorney can:

  • Evaluate whether your rights were violated
  • Identify which type of legal action is right in your case
  • Handle every aspect of the legal process

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