Auto Defects Can Result in Injuries

Auto Defects Can Result in Injuries

Drivers can take every precaution to operate their vehicles defensively and in accordance with the law. However, even the safest driver can lose control of their car if a defect causes the vehicle to malfunction. In addition, some vehicle defects cause additional injuries to motorists, even though they were supposed to protect them.

Some common auto defects that have resulted in accidents and injuries include:

  • Defective tires that blow out
  • Ignition switches that turn off when the car is moving
  • Steering systems that fail
  • Brakes that fail
  • Airbags that fail to deploy or that explode when deployed

When a tire blows out or brakes fail, it is not the driver’s fault that they crash. When a driver expects an airbag to protect them, but it instead causes them injuries, they should not be responsible for their medical bills and other losses.

Liability for Auto Defects

All manufacturers are expected to sell safe products or provide clear warnings of risks, and auto manufacturers are no different. However, auto corporations are constantly issuing recalls for vehicles that have defects that could cause injuries or financial losses. In many cases, motorists suffer serious injuries before a recall occurs.

Holding manufacturers liable for auto defects and resulting accidents is no simple task. These companies have insurers and legal teams ready to fight liability, especially since a widespread defect can be costly. If you believe that your accident and injuries happened due to a defective vehicle, you should seek legal assistance as soon as possible.

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